Thursday, February 10, 2011

Solidarity with Egypt from Portsmouth Trades Unions

This is from the Trades Council in my (former) home town of Portsmouth. This is what Trades Unions should be doing everywhere.John M

On Behalf of Portsmouth Trades Council (the official organisation that represents the various trade union branches in the City of Portsmouth)

Congratulations on the formation of RETAU, the independent federation of Egyptian trade unions.
When our trades Council met on 3 February we discussed the inspirational struggles in Tunisia and Egypt. Our delegates wanted to express our solidarity with you in your revolution against tyranny.

Down with Mubarak! Victory to the Egyptian People! Workers of the World Unite!

As media officer, I issued the press release below. I didn't know how to convey this message to our sisters and brothers in Egypt until some comrades emailed me your contact details. I am so pleased to open up a direct dialogue with you. Your bravery and determination gives us strength to fight our bosses and rulers who are trying to cut our living standards. Many of us are watching your struggle on the TV and internet. We have heard of your strikes, but were concerned that the Egyptian Trade Union Federation was too closely linked with Mubarak. We are delighted that you have formed your own free and independent trade union federation. We wish you every success in your struggle and offer any help that we can provide.
Victory to the Egyptian Revolution!

Yours Fraternally
Jon Woods
Portsmouth Trades Council Media Officer




Portsmouth Trades Council (PTC) is sending a message of solidarity and support to the people in Tunisia, Egypt and across the Middle East fighting for economic demands and political freedom. The uprisings across the region began in Tunisia with protests over unemployment, food prices and the banning of political protest.

‘In Tunisia, the Union Generale des Travailleurs Tunisien (UGTT) trade union confederation called a general strike which helped force Ben Ali from power. Although the Egyptian Trade Union Federation has close links to the Mubarak regime, there have been widespread strikes. Workers in the Suez steel mill that produces 70% of Egypt’s steel are on indefinite strike until Mubarak falls. There are strikes in the centre of the textile industry in Mahalla al-Kubra’, said Jon Woods.

PTC supports our brothers and sisters across the Middle East in their struggle for bread, freedom and social justice. We call for genuine democracy and the removal of tyrants such as Mubarak. We demand an immediate end to violence against the pro democracy protestors. We support workers in forming their own independent and democratic trade unions.

For further information contact;

Louis MacDonald (PTC Secretary) on 07940 503634 or at

Mick Tosh (PTC Chair) on 07900 877720

Jon Woods (PTC Media Officer) 0n 07921 775828

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